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What we offer

We offer products that are proudly made in the US and our innovative design sets the standard in the industry. Since 1998, we have been one of the go-to companies for top-quality chemical feed pumps and injectors.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team believes that excellent customer service is the key to success. This is why we go to great lengths to provide you with the products you need. Aside from this, we have the utmost respect for our valued customers, including in the farmers that we serve.

About Our Product

The Gator-XL is manufactured by Diemold International, Inc. at our modern 24-hour-a-day factory operation in Fort Myers, Florida. The people at the company have been designing and manufacturing injectors for feeding chemicals into water systems for more than 25 years.



At the end of the last century, the designers met with industry leaders and saw that the need for injectors was changing. A new water-powered chemical feed pump and injector using proven technology was needed for the challenges of the 21st century—where costs are of increasing importance, chemicals are very harsh, particles in the water are often very abrasive, and extensive service is required. Today’s chemical injectors need to be rugged, inexpensive, and easy to maintain.


Diemold International, Inc. developed the Gator-XL water-powered chemical feed pump and injector, which features a separate water motor section and chemical feed pump section. This way, harsh chemicals are kept out of the motor section. Apart from this, its modular design makes for easy, inexpensive servicing and replacement of parts.


The Gator-XL is manufactured completely within the Diemold International, Inc. facility, starting with raw material through to the finished product. This means that the company has total control of quality and costs during the entire production process, supplying you with quality and inexpensive products.

Why Our Products Are Simply the Best

  • Water-powered
  • Competitively priced
  • Designed for easy usage and low-cost maintenance
  • Made of heavy-duty modular construction (with a separate water motor and chemical pump section, so the motor stays chemical-free and parts are easy to access for service)
  • Able to deliver precise results
  • Able to handle a wide variety of chemicals
  • Can eliminate the need for messy reservoirs
  • Can automate the delicate process of creating hydroponics nutrient mixes
  • Can be installed in parallel installations to inject multiple nutrients in a single water line (easily installed into the piping system with flexible hoses or optional
    union connectors)
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